What Comes Next for Guncoin???

What Comes Next for Guncoin???

We have now reached a point with GUN V1.2 where the majority of users are running it and there are no known issues other than some minor ones getting the LINUX and MAC wallets to load right. So we are going to move forward with GUN V1.3 immediatly.

We expect to have GUN V1.3 available in early January and this time, it will be a HARD FORK and upgrading will be mandatory – especially for V1.1 users. As such, once it is released, it will not kick in immediately, but probably have a 2 week delayed implementation, giving everyone a chance to upgrade before the actual hard fork occurs.

As you are aware, GUN V1.2 advanced Guncoin to the bitcoin code base 0.9.0 equivalent – including an updated wallet, faster synchronization, autotools for building, automatic checkpointing, etc. To date, this has run flawlessly and we are very pleased with the result.

So now, we are moving to technologically advance the Guncoin another step farther. GUN V1.3 will provide GUN with capabilities included in the bitcoin code base 0.10.0 – more faster synchronization, dynamic transaction fees, improved signing security and yes, we will take care of the Linux and MAC wallets too.

Based on this, it is not hard to see where the GUN Core is headed. We hope to be current with bitcoin 0.13.0 by late February. There are other items that we will include along the way, but until I have more solid information about them, I am not going to disclose them at this time. As I have said before, all of this is NOT cheap by any means. Please feel free to donate GUN as you see fit to help out and get more done sooner. Let me know when you do, so I know where it came from.

So I hope everyone is having a nice holiday so far and hopefully all this news is well received by the GUN community. As always, the Guncoin team thanks you for your support and wishes you a Happy Holiday Season!