GUN V1.3 is Now Available

We are please to announce the release of our next step in the process of modernizing GUN. You can find the downloads there on our website or at:

As far as what is contained in GUN V1.3, GUN V1.3 will change the block version to 4 on block height 840,000 – this will be a hard fork for the V1.1 based client, so upgrading is mandatory for those users, upgrading is optional for GUN V1.2 users – but recommended.
Version 4 blocks brings two soft forks after 75% of the last 1,000 blocks are version 4, those forks are BIP65 and BIP66.
– BIP65 – OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY replacement for nLockTime
– BIP66 – Strict DER signatures
Other changes:
– Faster synchronization
– Dynamic fees
– Improved signing security
– Watch-only wallet support
– Consensus library
– Standard script rules relaxed for P2SH addresses
– bitcoin-tx separate tool
– Mining and relay policy enhancements

What Comes Next for Guncoin???

We have now reached a point with GUN V1.2 where the majority of users are running it and there are no known issues other than some minor ones getting the LINUX and MAC wallets to load right. So we are going to move forward with GUN V1.3 immediatly.

We expect to have GUN V1.3 available in early January and this time, it will be a HARD FORK and upgrading will be mandatory – especially for V1.1 users. As such, once it is released, it will not kick in immediately, but probably have a 2 week delayed implementation, giving everyone a chance to upgrade before the actual hard fork occurs.

As you are aware, GUN V1.2 advanced Guncoin to the bitcoin code base 0.9.0 equivalent – including an updated wallet, faster synchronization, autotools for building, automatic checkpointing, etc. To date, this has run flawlessly and we are very pleased with the result.

So now, we are moving to technologically advance the Guncoin another step farther. GUN V1.3 will provide GUN with capabilities included in the bitcoin code base 0.10.0 – more faster synchronization, dynamic transaction fees, improved signing security and yes, we will take care of the Linux and MAC wallets too.

Based on this, it is not hard to see where the GUN Core is headed. We hope to be current with bitcoin 0.13.0 by late February. There are other items that we will include along the way, but until I have more solid information about them, I am not going to disclose them at this time. As I have said before, all of this is NOT cheap by any means. Please feel free to donate GUN as you see fit to help out and get more done sooner. Let me know when you do, so I know where it came from.

So I hope everyone is having a nice holiday so far and hopefully all this news is well received by the GUN community. As always, the Guncoin team thanks you for your support and wishes you a Happy Holiday Season!

Gun V1.2 Release is Now Available

I am pleased to release the most current version of Guncoin – GUN V1.2.  This is an interim release as a soft fork.  While it is not mandatory that everyone upgrade with V1.2, it is necessary that they do. You will find it is far superior to V1.1 and much more efficient and functional.   It is very simple to use – once it is loaded, let it sync on its own, there are seed nodes built into the system now and it only takes about an hour to download the entire block chain now.  You will notice a new splash screen and a few extra features and options available in the wallet itself.  It is available for Windows and Apple/MAC.  This release does NOT support any Linux versions.  We chose NOT to do those at this time, but will have those available in the next release.

Having polled the community in recent months, there was no clear consensus as to the best path forward as to what should be included. So moving forward, to us, it seemed the logical best path forward at this time was to :

1) Modernize the coin and wallet to meet or beat all the current crypto currency technology standards, while applying lessons learned from other coins and several years of technological advancements as the crypto currency market matured.

2) Secure and protect the coin and its users from those who would seek to disrupt the normal course of crypto currency business transactions surrounding our coin. With this I refer to the blockchain, your wallets and the day to day transactions that GUN is and will be used for.

3) Simplify the startup process for the new user or the first-time crypto currency novice (ie, working seed nodes, faster wallet, self-executing WIN setup, etc.) – you will notice the config file is greatly simplified.

4) Improve the efficiency and speed of the wallet itself and add a few new features where possible. (V1.2 can create a fresh wallet and download the entire block chain in a little over an hour.)

Those are in order of priority as well.  So those may sound like some very vague and generic goals.  However, in reality they are very specific and without them and the changes they bring internally, the coin would go nowhere and be unsafe to use (as many smaller coins out there are today).  With this series of upgrades starting with GUN V1.2, GUN moves a step closer to being one of the more efficient, technologically advanced and secure coins in the crypto currency world today.  THAT is a much easier sale to a newbie gunshop owner than we have ever seen before.

To do all this is not simple.  It is costly, tedious and time consuming and dangerous to roll all of that into one release and dump it as hard fork on an unsuspecting community, exchanges and pools – some who have not had their wallets open for months.  As such, we are going to roll it all out in what we think is a very well tested series of releases (probably 2-3) over the next 6-8 weeks – maybe sooner if all goes well.  Of course, we are still a Neoscrypt coin – absolutely no changes there – we are thrilled to be one of the small number of Neoscrypt coins and are still convinced that is the right algorithm and direction for GUN.

As for the rest of the details of what is in GUN V1.2, for those who are very familiar with our code, you know V1.1 and earlier was based on bitcoin 0.8.  After the release of V1.2, we will be closer to or a little past 0.9.  Since bitcoin 1.3 is floating around out there now, it is not hard to figure out what comes next.  More details are in the Release notes on GitHub.  I am not a big fan of published roadmaps – it makes it easy for someone to change the signs or lay landmines in front of you.  For the most part, this upgrade is a major step forward for GUN and our community…..there is more to come.  Please spread the word.  As always, I appreciate your patience and  support.

Upcoming GUN Changes

We do have some changes coming up regarding the coin. We may have 2-4 upgrades over the next few months if all goes according to plan. So please watch for new releases – we will make sure the exchanges and the pools know about them in advance. The first upgrades will primarily focus on upgrading the coin to make it equal to or better than current cryptocurrency technology, perhaps a step above in some areas. Additionally, while coin technology has improved significantly in the past 2 years, so has the bad guys ability to disrupt things. We are taking all those things in to account with the initial upcoming upgrade. In other words, moving forward, we want our users and miners to be comfortable that we have a current, stable safe and secure coin. We have survived just fine for 3 years and the time has come to move forward with something even better. We appreciate your support.

Guncoin Patches

Here they are – will get an ad up for them some time later this week…….

Guncoin Patches

We will be selling two for $7.50 (Paypal, BTC or GUN) – they are the Iron-on variety – 3″ in diameter.

Guncoin Now Accepted on

Guncoin users and merchants can now accept Guncoin (GUN) as payment for their products or services with a fully automated API plugin on their website or point of service. This is great news for those looking for a reliable payment system and a stable and technologically current crypto currency. Now, through, you can use their great payment API, to accept GUN direct from your website. GUN now has a simple mining solution for anyone with a computer to be able to mine GUN and places to trade it. We also now have a legitimate means for anyone to be able to use GUN as a payment mechanism with virtually no effort.

Bottom line – GUN now offers a reliable total end-to-end alternative payment solution. Thanks for your continued support of GUN !

Guncoin Neoscrypt Algorithm Fork

After much discussion and internal debate, we have decided to upgrade Guncoin from the “Scrypt” algorithm to the “Neoscrypt” algorithm. While this was not an easy choice as there are so many options out there now, it became clear to us and many others in the crypto community that Neoscrypt will most likely be the next generation Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm designed to replace Scrypt. Neoscrypt consumes a lot less memory than Scrypt, but yet is more memory intensive and stronger cryptographically. The Neoscrypt algorithm combines the power of Salsa20/20, ChaCha20/20, BLAKE2s and FastKDF into a very secure ASIC-resistant solution. It is definitely not some kind of Scrypt-Jane or Scrypt-N or whatever – It is a VERY solid, well-designed and well thought-out algorithm which we feel represents the next generation of coins that will now include Guncoin (GUN). While Scrypt will continue to be used sucessfully by many other coins, we feel for better security of Guncoin and to protect our miners, that Neoscrypt offers the best of everything moving forward. Additionally, we think it provides the exact opportunities for the small-time business owner or newbie that we were looking for.

In case you did not know, the NeoScrypt algorithm has been running successfully on Phoenixcoin (PXC) since late July and Feathercoin (FTC) will change to it about a week in later October also. We are very fortunate in that the original Neoscrypt creator/developer (from Phoenixcoin) agreed to help us with the GUN upgrade and transition – no one better than him to do this for sure. If you remember, Scrypt was made very popular by Litecoin. The hashing technologies used by the Scrypt algorithm starts with PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256 key derivation, and ends with 8 rounds of the Salsa20 cipher as its mixing engine. However, it has recently been shown that only having 8 rounds of Salsa20 can be broken through differential crypto analysis – not as secure as we all thought.

So the Neoscrypt creator designed NeoScrypt to be compatible with Scrypt, but to have several functional differences which provide significant advantages over Scrypt. So he wrote a custom key derivation algorithm which is much stronger and faster than Scrypt. NeoScrypt’s mixing engine employs 20 rounds of Salsa20, followed by 20 rounds of ChaCha20. Not only is this combination faster and more secure than standard Scrypt, but it only takes 32KB to 64KB of memory, compared to the 128KB of memory used by Scrypt.

We are thoroughly convinced that NeoScrypt-based currencies are set to become the best option for those who have a low to medium budget for mining equipment and therefore cannot afford ASIC rigs. With the adoption of NeoScrypt by Guncoin, we ensure that our loyal miners and newbies will always be able to viably mine Guncoin by never having to compete against miners who have bought the next generation of expensive Scrypt ASICs. With these Scrypt ASICs, the smaller hobbyist miner, or curious firearm enthusiast, will have no place left to mine anything on Scrypt-based coins, just like GPUs have no place on Bitcoin any more. Only those with deep pockets can mine Bitcoin and this will end up being just a few large companies or well-funded individuals. In our view, this does not make a good case for decentralization and not where GUN needs to go. Like we have stated before, we have no interest in huge ASIC farms mining GUN – that would eliminate the newbies trying to mine for the first time and put our market price in the hands of a select few – not what we want. We feel with this change that we have protected our current and future miners, while setting the stage for Guncoins’ next phase of introducing GUN to non-crypto users who can benefit from our coins usage in their businesses and not just trade or dump it on exchanges for fun and profit.

In keeping with out support for miners and the small users, we have incorporated a miner into the wallet with this revision. You can mine GUN directly from your laptop wallet with nothing else after the changeover. It is a standard Scrypt miner until block 120000, then it will change to a Neoscrypt miner after that.

We are fully aware that this change will have a huge effect on our hash rate, it will also bring some stability to it. No longer will we see these 100 MH/s swings in our hash rate as ASIC’s come and go on our network and then GUN gets dumped a few days later on Bleutrade or other exchanges. We look forward to seeing 100 miners mining 10 MH/s, instead of 10 miners mining 100 MH/s. This will make for a much more stable coin we feel. Is this the last change that we make to GUN – absolutely not! We will continually review new features and technologies that can make GUN better and benefit the GUN community. We view this upgrade similar to upgrading your rotary home phone to a cell phone – while the old one still works fine, the new one does the job so much better.

While the new code is already release and available on GitHub – the Neoscrypt algorithm changeover will not occur until Block 120000 – in a little over a week. We have updated the Windows wallet also – those links (source and Windows wallet are available on the Guncoin main website and recently updated in this thread. We will also be providing a Linux and Apple wallet in a few days once we get all the announcements out. The seed nodes and our new block explorer have already been updated and several users have been running the wallets successfully for a few days. We greatly appreciate all your input while we labored over the upgrade options and we thank you for your continuing support! Here are a few useful links to get your started on Neoscrypt.

Documentation / White Papers:

Mining Tools:

New Guncoin Block Explorer

We lost all of our block explorers when our provider unexpectedly shut down all operations without any warning. So we now have a new block explorer that we like even better. You can find it here……