Month: December 2017

GUN V1.3 is Now Available

We are please to announce the release of our next step in the process of modernizing GUN. You can find the downloads there on our website or at: As far as what is contained in GUN V1.3, GUN V1.3 will change the block version to 4 on block height 840,000 – this will be…
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What Comes Next for Guncoin???

We have now reached a point with GUN V1.2 where the majority of users are running it and there are no known issues other than some minor ones getting the LINUX and MAC wallets to load right. So we are going to move forward with GUN V1.3 immediatly. We expect to have GUN V1.3 available…
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Gun V1.2 Release is Now Available

I am pleased to release the most current version of Guncoin – GUN V1.2.  This is an interim release as a soft fork.  While it is not mandatory that everyone upgrade with V1.2, it is necessary that they do. You will find it is far superior to V1.1 and much more efficient and functional.  …
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