Month: March 2018

Guncoin Web Wallet Released

We are pleased to release the long awaited Guncoin web wallet at This is a major step forward for Guncoin and means that everyone can have a Guncoin wallet that they can access from almost any computer or mobile device. This important as it gives a key tool for all our potential retailers and…
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Real Guncoin Sales Tranactions

There are real Guncoin sales transactions going on in several places. Here is another real firearm (Glock) bought and paid for with Guncoin on GunBroker!!!

Guncoin SEGWIT and CSV Now Locked-In

Great news for Guncoin. We surpassed the 75% signalling and acceptance threshold a few hours ago for SEGWIT and CSV and are now locked in. Being SEGWIT compatible opens up lots of opportunities for Guncoin in the near future. You can see the progress and we continue up the curve. On your wallet Debug Console…
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