Month: March 2019

Guncoin Masternode Project Status Update

OK, we have operational code for GUN Core V2.0 running and are currently integrating the balance of the work with the Guncoin Masternode project. We are primarily using the DASH Masternode model for this. One thing we found was that DASH was integrated with a much older version of bitcoin core than what we have.…
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GUN Core V1.6.0 Released

Guncoin now has Gun Core V1.6.0 available for your wallets. It is a minor release that brings the coin current to Bitcoin Core V1.17.1. With that release, we now start work on Gun Core V2.0 which will incorporate Masternodes into Guncoin – to be released by mid-April.

Guncoin Now on

I am pleased to report that Guncoin is now available to be traded on the Nova Exchange for our International community. They are not accepting USA clients at this time, but the rest of the world can trade GUN there. Once they get a more solid KYC in place, they will start accepting GUN there…
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