About Guncoin


Guncoin (GUN) was successfully launched May 1st, 2014 as a newly developed crypto currency, similar to Bitcoin or Litecoin, but with a big nod to gun owners, 2nd amendment enthusiasts and the needs of the firearms community.  We are proud to say that Guncoin is still going today and has withstood many of the naysayers and has successfully survived in the very competitive crytpocurrency world.


Guncoin was originally developed utilizing the Litecoin type model and was mined with “Scrypt” style GPU mining. This allowed almost anybody to be able to mine it then. That was a good idea when GUN was launched. But with the rapid evolution and progression of ASIC’s in mining technology, Guncoin had to evolve also to stay ahead of the mining farms and protect the coin. Hence the move to the “Neoscrypt” algorithm in October 2014 at block 120000. Neoscrypt is the next generation algorithm that is much more secure and efficient for mining purposes and has proved a wonderful choice over the fast several years . 

Name:  Guncoin
Symbol:  GUN
Current Version: GUN V2.0 (6/2019)
Address Prefix: “G” (or “H”)
Cryptography: Neoscrypt PoW 
Difficulty Re-Target: DGW v3
P2P Port:  42954
RPC Port: 42953
Maximum Coin Supply:  500,000,000
Block Time (Current): 2 Minutes 
Block Rewards: 75 coins (current)
           – 50 coins (after block 1,462,500)
           – 25 coins (after block 3,000,000)
           – Then halves every 1,000,000
Block Rewards Split: 
           – 47.5% GUN Miners
           – 47.5% GUN Masternodes
           – 5.0% Development / Charity Fund



Community Development and Support 

Since the beginning of the Guncoin Project in early 2014, community involvement and support has been part of the Guncoin philosophy. The Guncoin Project is, and always has been, open source and 100% community managed. Therefore, its success depends on everyone’s collective and active involvement. A decentralized coin available to anyone with a multitude of features and options has been a long standing goal of the development team and the community that supports it.

If you would like to get involved and contribute, need help or want to share constructive feedback, please connect with us via the contact form on the home page or on our many social channels.  Of course financial donations to help fund current and future upgrades and projects are always welcome, appreciated and help expedite these upgrades and projects.  For this, you can donate to GUN Address GymMmoKGErzJXx8UFT9ddBzf3SFH4wdWKj. Please let us know if you do, so we know where it came from!