Month: December 2018

GUN Core V1.5.3 Upgrade Released

We are please to announce the release of GUN Core V1.5.3. While this updated we feel is very useful and helpful it is NOT a hard fork – but highly recommended. It makes a slight adjustment in the fee structure and additionally disconnects from older clients which allows for faster network confirmations. Please upgrade at…
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Trading Again at Cryptopia

We are pleased to report that Guncoin (GUN) is trading once again at Cryptopia. The issue has been corrected with or recent V1.5.2 code release and the coins that were lost on their exchange have been replaced. So while we are very happy with this exchange and like working with them, we are looking into…
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Mandatory Upgrade – GUN Core V1.5.2

We are pleased to announce the release of GUN Core V1.5.2. We request that you download the new code from GITHUB and upgrade immediately. This is a mandatory update with a hard fork set for the 14 December – Please upgrade to 1.5.2 before that date. Our Cryptopia exchange lost a lot of coins due…
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