Getting Started

Getting Started with Guncoin

Getting started with Guncoin is actually very easy and takes very little time.  Whether you are a crypto currency guru or brand new to crypto currencies, the process to get started is simple and not time consuming.  We appreciate your taking the time to review all our material and hope your learning process goes quickly.


The Users Guide (some consider a Guncoin White Paper) is primarily directed to the end user of our crypto currency who may have little exposure to crypto currencies and know very little about what they are or how to use them.  But it should be useful to the crypto currency novice or crypto guru.



You need a place to keep your Guncoin and we have wallets of all types depending our your computer system preference. Downloadable wallets are available for Windows, Linux (32bit and 64bit) and Apple/MAC.  The Android Wallet is in work and will be releases in the second quarter of 2018.



There are many useful websites where Guncoin is bought or sold, traded or exchanged or even used to acquire merchandise with. Additionally, you find many places to discuss Guncoin and User Support Groups to get your questions answered or help others with their questions – Check them out!


Frequently Asked Questions

More than anything, we feel that there is a strong need for a specific firearms friendly cryptocurrency out there to get the firearms dealers and buyers more interested in this new technology. There are a few sellers out there that will currently take Bitcoin as payment and many firearm enthusiasts are aware of this thing called “Bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency”. But we have found that most do not know how it works or even that it can be used for their transactions. If we can get the firearms buyers and sellers really interested in cryptocurrencies then ALL crypto’s will benefit from more exposure and market traders. We firmly believe that Guncoin is that catalyst and is much faster when it comes to confirming the transactions too!
Guncoin exists out of a real public need in the firearms industry. In the United States, it is increasingly more difficult to find typical payment processors willing to serve online firearms-related businesses. If a business in this industry is able to locate a third party payment processor that is willing to process a transaction, it almost always involves an incredibly high fee. This is the biggest advantage of Guncoin – besides being basically anonymous, we remove the need for any third parties. Additionally, Guncoin transactons are typically confirmed within minutes, not days or weeks and are NOT reversible once they are confirmed.

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eHRC stands for enhanced Hash Rate Compensation and was designed and implemented by Feathercoin developers. It is open source and has been adapted to Guncoin. eHRC uses the standard Bitcoin protocol to calculate the the next block difficulty, but adds 2 extra historical block lookups, or block average times to calculate the new difficulty more accurately. Additionally, the introduction of eHRC included the re-calculation of the difficulty (Re-Target) after every block. It was specifically designed to be as effective as “Kimoto Gravity well” at compensating for variations on the proof of work (POW) hash rate but use the minimum of extra table look ups and calculations. This was important when block times had to work for transactions every minute, the change over to which was included in the same hard fork. The reason both “Kimoto Gravity well” and eHRC were designed was to help protect blockchains against wild variations in the POW hash rate available. It is designed to protect long-term Guncoin miners from wild swings in hashrate and difficulty caused by coin-switching multi-pools and mining farms who seek to manipulate the hash rates for quick profits. eHRC should be a huge benefit for adding more stability to Guncoin mining activities and promote long-tem mining by more of our miners (large and small).
It’s free to mine, and one can get started with a desktop computer with a decent graphics card. We recommend using a computer with at least 2.0.GHz CPU and 2GB memory. Bottom line, the cost of electricity is your only cost.
HTMLCOIN had 14 billion coins stolen from exchanges using 51% + Replay attacks and had to re-launch a new coin with premine to cover the loss which totaled $2.2m. 51% attacks are becoming more common with small coins and are being used to target exchanges, some of these attacks have been combined with replay attacks, this is when an attacker deposits and withdraw the same coins to and from an exchange, they then replace the chain with a 51% attack removing the deposit transaction, then they apply the withdrawal transaction to the replaced chain withdrawing coins from the exchanges hot wallet that were never deposited on the attackers chain. This has proved disastrous for other coins and steps need to be taken to protect against these sort of attacks. A simple and effective solution is to use automatic checkpointing which was first developed and deployed by Peercoin. Checkpoints are part of the Bitcoin codebase and are statically defined in the source code. Peercoin created a system where these checkpoints were sent across the P2P network. A client that receives a checkpoint will not connect to any chain without it. This protects the history of the chain and prevent 51% block replacement attacks. The depth of these checkpoints from the top of the chain will be set to six to allow natural reorgs at the very top of the chain. Any service using Guncoin can set their confirmation count to six after automatic checkpointing has been enabled and be safe in the knowledge that no transactions will be reversed.
Yes, we did back in early 2014 and the GUN pre-mine was 10%. The majority of those funds were spent on earlier marketing and coding expenses and are no longer available to the current development team which took over in September 2014 when the original development team retired from the project due to health issues. The current development team is self-funded and has been mining and maintaining the coin along since late 2014.
You can download a free Guncoin wallet that will allow you to send and receive coins. You can download a wallet/client on our Wallet page and we recommend downloading our Users Guide also.
Yes! Guncoin was created in January 2014 and officially launched 1 May 2014. There have been many cryptocurrency ideas that were hyped, but never came to fruition – Guncoin is NOT one of those. It has a huge support base and those numbers are growing faster every day. Guncoin is already listed on trading exchanges and the Guncoin team is actively seeking more exchanges to list GUN.
Guncoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for safely storing and transferring “value” worldwide. It is considered a digital currency and was created in early 2014 and launched on 1 May 2014.

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For starters, a blockchain is NOT a bank. A blockchain is a continuously growing list of electronic records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. The blockchain is like a huge, global, decentralized spreadsheet. It keeps track of who sent how many coins to whom, and what the balance of every account is. It is stored and maintained by thousands of people (miners) across the globe, who have computers – often with extra hardware. The blocks in the blockchain are made up of all the individual transactions sent from your GUN wallet, to and from exchanges, pools, vendors, and everywhere else. When you see your balance on in your GUN wallet or view your transactions on the blockchain, you are seeing data on the blockchain, NOT in our personal systems. Just to clarify again – the GUN blockchain is NOT a bank – it is basically an encrypted list of addresses and transactions that grows each day.
Digital currencies such as Guncoin (GUN) allow users to send and receive GUN to trade for goods, services, or payments. They are another form of electronic payment, similar to Paypal.

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Please check us out on several forums and online communities listed on our Links pages. You can also click on the small icons in the upper right corner of each web page on this website. You will find that Guncoin has a growing community on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Slack, Telegram and more!

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