Downloadable Wallets:
Downloadable wallets are only available for Windows at this time.  If you would to compile your own Linux wallet, the Guncoin source code is available from GitHub link on the “About Guncoin” page.  Please update your wallet if you have not already done so.  GUN V1.2 is now available for Windows and Apple MAC (Not Linux yet – those are still V1.1 but backwards compatible).

windows_wallet_download               apple_wallet_download

Linux_32 bit wallet_download               Linux 64bit_wallet_download


Paper Wallets:
There are also paper wallets available at several retailers listed in our Links pages. FYI, on the face of the paper wallet there are two important numbers – The “WALLET ADDRESS” and the “PRIVATE KEY”. The WALLET ADDRESS is similar to a bank account, and it is where your coins are stored. It will be loaded with the amount shown on the bill, but more Guncoin could be transferred to that address if you wanted to use it. The PRIVATE KEY is what is used to “claim” your coins when you are ready to use them. It is very important to keep these notes in a secure location because anybody could potentially steal your coins if they have your PRIVATE KEY. The paper wallet will look like this: