Guncoin (GUN) is a virtual currency that began out of a love and appreciation of firearms, computing and investing when Altcoins were in their infancy.  That, along with extensive experience buying and selling firearms via online auctions such as Gunbroker.com, prompted the Guncoin Team to come up with a better, faster and cheaper payment solution that could easily be adopted for all to use.  Thus, Guncoin was born.

Speaking from experience, when buying and selling firearms related goods, it is extremely hard to find a payment processor.  Unfortunately, the choices are very limited.  PayPal does not accept transactions for firearms in US Dollars.  BitPay does not accept transactions for firearms in Bitcoin (BTC) and most traditional credit card processors will not either.  While some 3rd party processors may, they do so only with an incredibly high fee (usually 25% or more).  Legitimate firearms businesses are being forced to close their doors because nobody will process their payments. Guncoin (GUN) will change all of that because it is decentralized – no single company controls Guncoin.  Additionally, transactions post almost instantly and are fully confirmed in just minutes.  Even more importanly – There are no fees!  So you wonder where Guncoin is going – this is it:

NEOSCRYPT Digital Currency for the Firearms Industry
Current Version – GUN V1.3

While there are several other comparable coins and tokens available – most with good intentions, none of them have the longevity and reliability of Guncoin yet. Honestly, why would you run your business around a payment system that was crowdfunded last month with an unproven technology, when you have a stable, secure and proven blockchain like Guncoin that is current in technology, can be used for free than takes only minutes to set up and get started? The choice is yours and Guncoin is the answer for many reasons including:

  • Neoscrypt Algorithm – Neoscrypt is the next generation Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm designed to replace Scrypt. It consumes less memory than the latter, yet is more memory intensive and stronger cryptographically. The Neoscrypt algorithm combines the power of Salsa20/20, ChaCha20/20, BLAKE2s and FastKDF into a secure ASIC resistant solution. This will help protect the coin long term from over-mining from mining farms.
  • DigiShield – DigiShield is a difficulty readjustment algorithm originally developed for DigiByte. DigiShield was designed and included in the Guncoin design to overcome the issues of the Kimoto Gravity Well algorithm in recovering from large multi-pool engagements. This was incorporated in GUN V1.1 and has proven very successful on several occasions when large hash rates appeared and is a big plus for the coin .
  • Automatic Checkpointing (ACP) – ACP is a simple and effective solution in preventing a 51% attack on a coin and was first developed and deployed by Peercoin. Checkpoints are part of the Bitcoin codebase used for GUN V1.2 and are statically defined in the source code. Guncoin now has a system where these checkpoints are sent across the P2P network. A client that receives a checkpoint will not connect to any chain without it. This protects the history of the chain and prevents any 51% block replacement attacks.
The BOTTOM LINE is that Guncoin aims to provide the firearms industry a fast, stable and secure method of accepting micro transactions, while protecting their customers privacy and advancing the firearms industry into the crypto age and we have a blockchain several years long to show for it with ZERO issues. We hope that you will find all the information on the site here to be very useful and strongly consider using Guncoin for your personal and business needs. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments!