Guncoin News

Guncoin Now Accepted on

Guncoin users and merchants can now accept Guncoin (GUN) as payment for their products or services with a fully automated API plugin on their website or point of service. This is great news for those looking for a reliable payment system and a stable and technologically current crypto currency. Now, through, you can use…
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Guncoin Neoscrypt Algorithm Fork

After much discussion and internal debate, we have decided to upgrade Guncoin from the “Scrypt” algorithm to the “Neoscrypt” algorithm. While this was not an easy choice as there are so many options out there now, it became clear to us and many others in the crypto community that Neoscrypt will most likely be the…
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New Guncoin Block Explorer

We lost all of our block explorers when our provider unexpectedly shut down all operations without any warning. So we now have a new block explorer that we like even better. You can find it here……

Guncoin is Better Payment Solution

One more reason that Guncoin makes better sense for firearm businesses……. For Gun Shop Owners, It’s No Longer Hip to Be ‘Square’ Now Accepting Guncoin (GUN) for Webhosting

We are pleased to report that is now accepting Guncoin (GUN) for webhosting services. Please check them out today!

Guncoin Website Update

We have just about finished the website move and update. We have switched servers and gone a WordPress style and have a lot more information available to the GUN community. Additionally, with this move, we have moved the seed nodes and added a fourth one. Please note the updated config file on the “About Guncoin”…
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