Users Guide

Thank you for taking time to learn more about Guncoin (GUN) and how it can be useful to you. Keep in mind, that this Users Guide is primarily directed to the end user of our crypto currency who may have had very little exposure to crypto currencies and know very little about what they are or how to use them. While the text of this book may be beneath the typical crypto currency enthusiast, it should be very useful to the crypto currency novice or small business owner looking for a new payment system for their business, while still being beneficial to many crypto currency users. For any crypto currency owner or developer, general acceptance by the crypto currency community is necessary and much time and money spent on that. But acceptance by potential users outside the crypto currency community is very often overlooked or just ignored. That is the much larger community that this Users Guide is directed to who may have an interest in Guncoin.  We hope you find it interesting, educational and ultimately profitable for you – We thank you again!